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RE: strong economy, first....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Girish Nair wrote:

> Where is Japan vis a vis 5 year ago.

    Just a point to add to this... It is somehow fashionable to look at
economies in trouble and claim " see where are they now" almost as if to
that we are somehow better off than Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. etc.

Get real Girish, Japans economy may not be in the best of shape but the
average Japanese has a standard of life that we Indians cannot even
off. They have better schools, better houses, better cities,better
healthcare... better everything. Let us not kid ourselves Japan is a
of 165 mil people with almost no natural resources and yet have a GDP of

over 5 trillion USD even under a huge recession. We are a country of a
billion people, abundant natural resources but with a GDP of 360 Billion

USD. If our system was better and their system so flawed how come they
to be so BIG? Do your sums who's better?

We have never seen growth of over 7 % and this too only for a few years.

Japan grew at double digits for most of the 70s and 80s. They are the
second largest economy and even though they may be down and out the
man in Japan is way way better off than the common man in India.

Since we never learnt a thing from Japans growth, let us be very careful

what we say about their troubles, particularly given our own less than
spectacular track record. If what Japan is facing today is recession,
India has been in recession from the time we became independent.

We must learn to recognise a countries progress from the standard of
life it
gives to its people and not on the very natural ups and downs of the
economy. And by this yardstick today's Japan, and S.Korea, and Malaysia
should still represent to us nations that are very worthy of emulation



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