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RE: Freedom and Welfare or Bharat Maata?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___

Don't get me wrong.... I do recognise the problems with blind
but I think we are basically on the same page only differing in the
semantics. The line dividing "national interest" and nationalism is
fuzzy at
best often they are the same thing.

The point is Humans have progressed due to the formation of societies. A

large number of Humans have learnt to live together, pool their
talents and co exist. It is this, above anything else that has been the
cause of mankind's growth. The idea of nation states emanates from here.
this process of coexistence it is critical to form collective identity
people to work as a team. Just like it is critical to have identity for

Strong identity does not make a person irrational or bellicose. Infact
opposite is true. Individuals with low self esteem and an inferiority
complex tend to be more difficult and dysfunctional, almost always to
own detriment. It is the same for countries. Many of the problems you
see in
India today are a result of a "national" identity crisis. We are
dysfunctional as a citizen of the world. Our natural tendency is to
barriers against the world.For a nation that once was the centre of
learning and global trade,we today have an almost psychotic aversion to
relating with the rest of the world whether it be MNCs or foreign
capital or
global forums. We have an obsession for being self sufficient knowing
well that this is the most inefficient way to progress. We always want
to do
things in an Indian way without quiet knowing what this Indian way is.
strongly believe that what has worked for the rest of the world will not

work for us for some mysterious reason and reject ideas without even

It is from this reason that I support the idea of building a strong
identity. It is like creating a strong cricket team. Just because we
have a
good cricket team does not mean that we get arrogant but rather that
created an identity we are more likely to be generous and open. We will
protect our interests better and continue to become better.

The reason Pakistan and India keep fighting is not because of
nationalism...it is just the opposite infact. It is the lack of
that forces us to behave like bullies. If we both had strong national
we would have actually sat and resolved the issue years ago. It is our
inability to come together as countries that keeps propelling us to
snarl at
each other. Children coming out of dysfunctional homes always tend to be

more aggressive.

The US government did NOT fool its people. But the only reason that was
given to the people was that this for the good of the country and
believed that. These conflicts were not for any direct gain to the US.
US was not under attack. These were not Kargil like situations. And yet
US public supported the action. It was clearly for 'US mata' and I do
believe too many people in the US can give you the exact reasons for why

their armies went into these wars besides this fact.

It is a great dream to have a world without nation states - the big
village with all citizens being equal. Unfortunately that is not a
reality and will never be. Just like having a world without religion
never be a reality. Human  beings have a strong need for an identity and
strong desire to believe in something greater than themselves and hence
nation states and religion will always remain. And this is not really
that Bad it is infact a good thing very often.

Trust you see the point.



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