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Re: obedient droneship vs. true patriotism....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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By forcing a "here" versus "there" can only
become harmful.

Kindly understand that our mapping of the territory
is not the territory. This "here" versus "there"
psycho-logics leads to false assumptions of
"california girls", "safe shores", "coward NRIs"
etc.,., etc.,.,.,.

We can do our parts from every-which-where!

Let me speak plainly: My roots of living like a bhangi,
dhobhi, maestrani, etc.,.,., have indeed got awakened
due to some of  these "safe shores".

Divided we fall, buddy, united we will have a chance
to survive. Nurturing of corruption is not only my
preserve, every time we grease a palm, we create
the situation. We must develop our own very guts
and strengthen our hands and nurture our Vittals,

George Kurien(990620)

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