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Re: Mapping territories

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Fellow Indians,

Since we do have a forum of educated,intelligent,
etc.,., people, it behoves us to reflect and ponder
a little bit as to what we actually do.

We have posts mapping to create differences between
ourselves in terms of NRIs, RIs, etc.,.,.

I would like to get across to our subscribers the

How much ever we map thru our symbols, words, etc.,.,
the MAP can never become the territory.

Whatever we say about any thing, what we SAY is not
the said thing.

If indeed we realise this fact, we will not have
too much difficulty in abstracting for ourselves
usefully without identifying ourselves with 'california
girls', sloth, non-concern, etc.,.,.

At this juncture, when we have armed intruders from
across our borders in our country, the least we must
do remains - not to divide ourselves due to wild

We ourselves as individuals need do our part even if it
means the spreading awareness of armed infiltrators
from across our borders.

We must question ourselves as to what each of us do to
alleviate the present crisis we find ourselves in. The
realisation that the map is not the territory and that
words are not the things it represents will form a very
solid foundation for us to overcome ourselves and thereby
strengthen our community, country, etc.,.,.


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