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obedient droneship vs. true patriotism....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Vamsi ... << That is, why is it that a Microsoft, Netscape, SUN, etc.
would exist in US rather than in India where we have greater talent!!?

A more appropriate question to ask is: whether Indian Entrepreneurs can
establish industry dominance, globally, working under the current
oppressive Government? >>

We must understand that the GOI is nothing but another set of people
that we have in some form installed at the State & Central levels. But
more critically we have also nurtured corruption as a set of everyday
norms. There is no "them" & "us". Unless we can at every level stand up
and fight and refuse payment of "spoils" I see no change happening.

The easiest thing to do is complain, but the very next time pay a
couple of hundred to get your personal favour done, a telephone
connection revival perhaps.

Let's not forget Vamsi, that the facilities you enjoy currently in the
US is the result of what people have fought for.

People who have decided to stick on and fight it out here in India have
done well. INFOSYS is a good example of a local company. There are
others too.

We can't run away to escape a bad system that we created in the first
place, and then cry foul from safe shores. The fight is here. Join it

Rajeev Manikoth

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