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Sharif is right....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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    The pest from Pakistan, Sharif, is right: there will be many more
Kargil-like incursions".  The solution for India must be long-term.  We
must build a stronger and leaner army.  Size doesn't matter anymore.
India has won the past 3 wars against Pakistan due to its shear size of
the Military.  If we look at the kill-ratios in these wars it is nearly
1:1.  No good!!  For India to put a rest to the pest problem there is
only one way: our military has to go hi-tech and thus improving the kill
ratio.  A ratio of 1:1000 would solve the problem permanently.  This is
achievable through hi-tech applications of various weapon systems,
intelligence gathering, and sophisticated airborne surveillance systems
as was the case during the Gulf War.

    For Indian Military to go hi-tech the domestic industry's 1st-tier
technologies such as Semiconductor Design and Semiconductor
Manufacturing should mature rapidly.  It is up to the Government to have
enough courage not to serve its short-term interests first through EOUs,
IOUs, and whatever Us.  Such schemes do nothing more but dampen the
growth of the domestic industry because we have to work under
bureaucratic schemes while the foreign counterparts do not have such a
restriction.  Growth in the 1st-tier technologies would be far more
rapid if the GoI would just "curl up and die" and stay out of the way!
Then we would finally be in a position to build a strong army with our
vibrant economy as the backdrop.

    India's strength seems to be in the Software sector.  Hence, this is
the sector that should be thrown open completely - no Export Oriented
Units (EOUs), nothing.  The argument for this is simple: since we are
the strongest in the world in this sector, no one can possibly compete
with us if the sector was thrown open.  Jobs for Indians would be
shifted from elsewhere into India - wealth would be transferred to
Indians!  Regulating a sector in which we have strength in only dampens
the blow that we can deliver to the world.  Our advantages are fast
disappearing in this sector and the control systems created by GoI are
becoming more rigid.  It seems that we are responsible for our own
misery and a backward economy.

Vamsi M.

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