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Barun's op-ed

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Great idea!

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Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 22:24:27 +0500
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Subject: Kashmir: Give trade a chance

Dear Friend of Liberty:

War clouds are gathering over Kashmir once again. After fifty years of
endless confrontation, it is high time to think of a different strategy. It
is quite quite clear that a military victory will not settle the issue
either way. While the political divide is obvious, effective steps towards
open trade and travel, in Kashmir and in South Asia, would go a long way in
building a market based  relationship, which in turn could help ameliorate
the political pressures. Unlike the military victories, conquests by the
market forces leave no victims, only winners  peace and prosperity. It is
time we gave it a thought. 

An op-ed of mine titled _Give trade a chance_ on the issue of Kashmir
appeared in The Economic Times, 19 June 1999. It can be found at

It can be also accessed from the Liberty Institute's web page

Comments and criticisms are most welcome. 

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Thanking you,

Barun Mitra
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