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strong economy, first....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    I received the following from Mr. Girish.  I am unable to reply to his email address directly:
gn4@iname.com  I took the liberty to post it in the debate room.  I hope it would be ok by him.

Girish Nair wrote:

> I'm a common man, not a economist or a great thinker. Have I missed
> something. What is the EOU?

    I am a common man too and also, I am a concerned citizen of India like yourself.  It is good that we are
taking the initiative to express ourselves rather than saying that "anything cheltha".  After all, we live in a
democratic system and common folks, like those on this forum, own the country.

    EOU stands for Export Oriented Units - a scheme established by the Government to regulate the growth of the
sofware industry in the country.

> <  A more appropriate question to ask is: whether Indian Entrepreneurs
> can establish industry dominance, globally, working under the current
> oppressive Government?>
> Given time YES. Anything is possible.

    And the Russians were gambling on the same idea.  Instead, what happened there was that entreprenuerial
spirit was suppressed and distorted for so long that Russia is not going to recover anytime soon.  Instead of
saying "yes, given enough time", Shouldn't we assert that GoI should stay out of the way of the Enterprenuers
altogether.  You see, the flaw is in the way we think: you want time to solve our problems but I want us to
change the way our Government functions.  Time isn't going to solve anything when our fundamentals are totally
distorted.  Entreprenuers cannot do anything when they are shackled (even with a lot of time).  This is exactly
the reason why we don't a Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, etc. in India.

> But seriously Dominance in
> anything is transient. There was a time when the British sun never set.
> You could say that the British Govt. or governance caused the decline.


> Where is Japan vis a vis 5 year ago.

    And what happened to it now?  Japanese economy, my friend, is not an economy to be marvelled at.  Neither is
any other economy if it gambles on the freedoms of Entreprenuers!!  Japan never established its dominance in the
1st-tier technologies that I have mentioned before.

    Let us not forget that institutions such as GoI exist for our benefit rather than vice-versa.  Through the
course of our learning, we may have associated institutions such as GoI with God.  Just as we learned not to
question God, we are also learning not question the GoI.  Else why would we think that "given time, anything is
possible" rather than asserting that GoI should stay out of the way of the entreprenuers so they can create a
vibrant/strong economy?

Vamsi M.

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