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Re: obedient droneship vs. true patriotism....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Girish Nair wrote:

> Dear Mr Vamsi M,
> Been reading about the bashing the GoI has been getting. Govt
> interference in day to day affairs is stupid (to make an
> understatement). But at the risk of being 'politically incorrect' let me
> just make the following comment. The GoI is made up of humans like many
> of us are. Mistakes are made and have been adequately highlighted by
> you. But a lot has also been done.

    It seems that your message was edited.  I don't know which is yours and
which isn't.  Nonetheless, I would like to get your insight on the following:
regarding the EOU scheme, I believe the GoI has once again moved fast to serve
its interests first.

    Why establish a bureaucratic system like the EOU?  How many more jobs can
be created if it wasn't for it and how much (more) wealth could have been
transferred to Indians?  Finally, probably the most important point: has the
entrepreneurial spirit been suppressed by the constant Government intervention
and its mindless schemes?  That is, why is it that a Microsoft, Netscape, SUN,
etc. would exist in US rather than in India where we have greater talent!!?

    A more appropriate question to ask is: whether Indian Entrepreneurs can
establish industry dominance, globally, working under the current oppressive

Vamsi M.

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