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Re: obedient droneship vs. true patriotism....

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Dear Mr Vamsi M,
Been reading about the bashing the GoI has been getting. Govt
interference in day to day affairs is stupid (to make an
understatement). But at the risk of being 'politically incorrect' let me

just make the following comment. The GoI is made up of humans like many
of us are. Mistakes are made and have been adequately highlighted by
you. But a lot has also been done.  If you look at history, major policy

changes/shifts have shown (more often than not)  in  hindsight  to be
correct. Let me leave you with two. In 1970 two laws were enacted. The
FERA (put a ceiling of 40% ownership of Indian businesses) and
elimination of product patent protection retaining only process patents.

A hue and cry was raised over the latter in the West. I'm not going into

the morals of it. But the fact remains that if you compare the Top 50
companies in the Pharmaceutical sector in 1971 with the top 50 today you

would see the impact. About 12 companies could be characterized as
Indian in 1971. Today Six of the Top 10. 11 of the Top 20, 20 of the Top

25 and 30 of ten Top 50  pharma companies are Indian. Its fine to say
<The Government should have encouraged fierce competition as in the US
>  but it is the will of the people to have fierce competition among
Indians (or equals )alone. Protectionism. Sure. But all countries do it
and some carry on even after their economy mature.


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