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Re: Misconceptions et al

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Ritu Ko wrote:

> You may safely stop beating the Telecom industry to a premature death.

    I don't know if this can be done "safely" but let us give it a try shall
we?  First, India is grossly misrepresented of its potential in the field of
Telecom, or more generally, in the field of Technology.  We don't have a clear
vision or a good footing in the 1st-tier technologies.  This is mainly the
fault of an over-bearing Government.  In the 1980s the US and Japanese
Governments, independently, supported the development of Semiconductor
industries because they realized that maturity in this sector would pave the
way for 2nd-tier technologies such as Telecom, desktop computers, home
automation, Internet, Satellite Telephony, high-speed audio and
video..............  Somewhere between the 1st and 2nd-tier technologies are
the Protocols, Operating Systems, etc.  We are hopelessly behind (subservient)
in these areas too.

    Even to this day, the GoI makes no effort to encourage the growth of
1st-tier technologies.  It may setup fancy rules to "promote" EOUs which are
really a means for the Government to cash in through regulation.  Even here,
how much better if Indian software jobs were to grow 10 times faster than
now.....and they would if it wasn't for the unnecessary regulation.  How much
better if more jobs are brought to India from elsewhere?  Wealth would be
transfered to Indians at a much more rapid rate than now!!

    As for the Telecom Sector, you can kiss it goodbye!  Without a mature
development of the 1st-tier technologies, the 2nd-tier sector doesn't have a
prayer.  We, Indians, will continue to have rag-tag telephone systems, roads,
and power generation well into the next century and we won't be able to make
out why it is so and who is responsible.....because we carelessly brush aside
the minor details that add up in a big way.

Vamsi M.

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