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Individual Freedoms....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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    Right to bear arms.  Should we not discuss this on this forum.  And
please, I don't want to hear any comments from the "peanut gallery"
about how I am trying to emulate the American model.  I have noted
several times before that we Indians have NO obligation to the rest of
the world.  I made this point very clear when some of us were trying
explain away individual freedoms by stating "that it is no better
elsewhere".  What happens in the US (or anywhere outside of India) is as
relevant as a horse's......

    My take on the right to bear arms is that once again the GoI has
compromised our freedoms and security.  For example, take Kashmir: I
would ask the rogue invaders to try and take land from well-armed locals
in Kashmir.  Not a chance and not in this lifetime!!  Forget about being
better equipped than our enemy when the GoI has so carelessly outlawed
some forms of guns or even completely in some areas!

Vamsi M.

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