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RE: Dr.Shenoy

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
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I am not saying that I disagree with you or Bauer. How can you make that

presumption? All I am saying is that the contents of the postings should
sent to the debate first. If there is no objection to it there post it
the site by all means. My objection is to post things on the site and
wait for objections. That's like implementing a law and then waiting for
to be passed. Is that democratic?

Your having a PhD in economics is something that makes me respect you
adds weight to your views but it doesn't give you any right to decide
the forum. How are you to know my qualifications?? and even if you did
you agree for me to take positions on your behalf without even letting
know in advance what that position is?? This is ridicules!!

You talk of open debate. Well a debate can be open only if people have a

chance to comment on issues before these are implemented.You can't
something and then have a debate post facto. Please recognise that you
a unique privilege i.e. access to the web server and skills to write web

content that most of us do not have. Please learn to treat this
with responsibility. Your argument that you can change the content on
site because no one else has is like saying that a dishonest minister
the right to be corrupt because the honest people would not stand for

I had sent in a flyer on corruption a few months ago. Why was that not
posted on the site before people could raise objections to it?? If you
taken a more active role in the affairs of IPI it need not mean that
commitment to the cause is more than mine. I might have constraints on
time far greater than yours. How can you decide that? I might NOT have
web skills that you have that does not mean I do not have opinions or
education or arguments that are better than yours. How are you to decide


Even in India's flawed democracy there is a code of conduct that is
before elections. You have altered content on the site during an
election in
progress. That is insensitive to say the least.

Please consider my points without emotions and convince yourself that
you are doing is truly democratic. Please ask yourself if you would have

done the same things if you did not have access to the server, skills to

change content and time to do this and you would know the answer.



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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___

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