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Shenoy is the pioneer of India's reforms

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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B. R. Shenoy alone stood against a lot of economic and political
nonsense in
the 1950s and 1960s in India.    I was principally responsible for
back his name into the international "economic policy" scene with my
work published by the IEA in London.  Peter Bauer and I met personally
1979 or so at a Liberty Fund Conference in Oxford and Shenoy was one of
main topics of discussion.    At that meeting, Bauer told me about the
existence of Milton Friedman's 1955 memo to the the GOI.  In May 1984,
at a
Mont Pelerin Meeting in Cambridge, I met Friedman for the first time,
asked him for the document.  the rest of the story has been told

I have yet to see Lord Bauer's piece on Shenoy.    My opinion would be
it should very much remain on IPI.

Subroto Roy.

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