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Constructive comments

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Just looked up archives of IPI, v.lightly, after a v. long time. Found
Prof. Roy's suggestions:



Then there is some hope for the methodology of IPI: to structure debate
around an iterative, normative document, trying to build an
ever-expanding consensus. No one needs to sign. I myself am not
comfortable with all that is in it. 100% agreement of all is actually
impossible, I am sure.  It can simply be improved each time to arrive at
a larger consensus. It thus represents an ever-widening 'proposal' for
consensus, at best: a compromise which we as citizens make in the
interest of a shift in national policy even slightly toward what is

Prof. Roy, you are acknowledged as one of the most prominent doyens of
India's liberalism after Dr. Shenoy, we will be v. grateful if you help
"us" build this document. But pl. remember: you and 'we' are not
distinct: "we" are not seeking a grade from you. Improve the wording of
the document thro' open debate, if you will. That would be most welcome.

On IPI we are ALL citizens first, and last. As equals we can and should
discuss, debate, and try to arrive at a consensus on the wording of a
document that can then be rightly called the People's Manifesto at the
end of maybe 10 or 20 years.

Working with "us" will mean we are back to basics as citizens: we need
to re-state basic principles in our document, re-arrive at correct
policy, and let 'us' as citizens, realize our potential as a nation. 

IPI can at best be a mirror to India. It simply reflects back what is
thrown 'at' it.

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