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obedient droneship vs. true patriotism....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
I would gladly support the people at the frontline and even more.
However, I refuse to give funds to the Government of India (GoI) or any
such defense fund because we know how innefficiently this is used.

    In my opinion the GoI has been oppressing the Indian people with a
bad economy since the British have left.  Take for example, the fact
that it has a government owned monopoly in almost every sector!!  How
self-serving?  The Government should have encouraged fierce competition
as in the US which could have greatly improved the quality of Telecom
service and the spread of it in the Indian market (including the rural
areas).  Competition is the key to growth but no, the Government has to
fill its pockets first at the expense of the people.  I will NOT support
a Government which to me is same as the British Raj.  May be it can
speak our language, etc. but we know its methods and its intentions!!  A
Government that is not for the people is not my Government!

    It is an utter shame that a democratic government of ours is so
poorly equiped that it cannot protect its own people!!  We have every
reason to be upset at the government but I am puzzled to know that we
are reluctant to show our anger at the polls, elections, etc.  May be we
are responsible for the mess!

    We have been ruled by the British Raj and now we are being ruled by
the License Raj and to some it may be acceptable for me it isn't!  But
it seems that for some of us simply saying Jai Bharaat Maatha and taking
it up the (you know what) is good enough.  A deeper analysis of our
current problems and how we even got into them in the first place
requires too much effort.  Why spend too much energy on such things when
we are too damn skinny to begin with and waste any energy.  Slow and
painful extinction is innevitable, it seems!!

Vamsi M.

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