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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
I gather that Bhuwan has objected to the posting of Bauer's article on
Shenoy. EVERYTHING on IPI is subject to change. If you give sufficient
arguments against that article being on the web, I will withdraw it. So
far, with my limited knowledge of economics (I do have a doctorate, you
must admit, which means I might know just a slightly more than some of
us - I don't wish to use that as an excuse to post content, though) and
in the absence of anyone else willing to work on the content of IPI's
web site, for the whole of last year, I have been building the content
on IPI (and killing my hands) which has usually gone thro' without

If you object cogently against this article, Dr. Shenoy will be DUMPED!!
We will revert to the praise of socialism and planning and Mahalanobis.
That will perhaps mean changing the entire manifesto, though. You have a
long haul ahead of you.
By the way, Marx is also duly linked to IPI's site at places. Every
viewpoint is welcome. Including Hitler's - if it is persuasive enough.
This is a democratic forum - and I believe that mad views will be dumped
outright by people if an open debate is permitted. So, trying to
persuade the debate room to include Hitler is not going to be an easy
task. Dr. Shenoy is a different cup of tea.

On a formal note, let me state: procedures for posting content on IPI's
web site will have to be established by the Board in due course. I have
helped take IPI from a mailing list of a handful of persons (list
started by me) to a regular institute which is registered in India, and
will soon have an official Board. I trust your impatience with current
procedures will not come in the way of helping BUILD IPI into a truly
open and democratic forum. Don't blame me if I DO something. I have done
it to bring sceptical and critical young people like YOU here. To make
it accessible to people like you to debate anything under the sun.  
Period. This is your forum. Take it up. And trust me: I will not come in
the way of open debate on ANY topic. So kill Shenoy! I'm game. Go for it
it! Debate and let everyone know why Dr. Shenoy should be evicted from
IPI and Hitler substituted. I believe every Indian must learn about Dr.
Shenoy. But if you want, we can learn about Hitler instead.

As soon as IPI is in solid hands, and I am comfortable that the
MECHANISMS are FULLY open, transparent and democratic, I will be off. My
job will be done. But IPI's job will never be done.

IPI represents freedom of thought, and political and economic freedom.
And these things have to be fought for by each generation, and expanded.
Let us work TOGETHER for these issues. BUILD IPI; don't criticize every
ACTION taken. Each action is reversible. Offer an alternative method.
That is what is needed. Show why Hitler is better than Shenoy. Not why
Shenoy has been mentioned in the first place. Offer a better
alternative. Always.

I am not the issue. India's democracy and economy is. Finding fault with
me is easy. I can do that too! I can write a 10-page list of my
failings, if you are willing to hear me out! First stupidity:

	* a v. stupid guy who let his hands be virtually crippled and 
	  cost himself and his family endless agony.

And now I have to ice my wrists and suffer because I could not prevent
myself from writing this, being the stupid guy that I am. Bye.

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