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RE: Shenoy

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Here we go again. Sanjeev how can you do this despite this issue having
on the discussion just recently.

You have once again added content to the IPI site under " Publications
IPI" without it being put up for review or discussion by either the team
the debate. As a very active member of the team it is appropriate for
you to
bring to the debate interesting articles that would attract the
and be of interest to the members. But putting the articles on the IPI
under IPI publications implies the agreement of the "IPI institution" to

publish this under our name. This clearly requires the consensus of the

If I decide to publish on this page Hitler's Mien Kampf would you guys
it?? Is publications of IPI a bulletin board for publishing anything
anyone deems appropriate?? What if someone publishes the Abridged
version of
lady chatterlys lover?

At least have the courtesy to ask the team if it is OK to post these
articles on the site before you do this.Most of us might actually agree
support you and even appreciate your initiative. Taking unilateral
to add content only raises questions on intentions. We spend huge
moderating the debates and then post material on the site without even
informed. The site is our face. It is what the world sees. We have to be

sensitive to what comes up here. If we have such a difference of opinion
many relatively simple issues and we have apparently such a strong code
including items in the manifesto how come we keep publishing things
anyone knowing about these??

You have also sought permission from the original publisher of these
articles. Was this on behalf of IPI or in your personal capacity? If it
for IPI then you have represented yourself as the "legal" representative
IPI. At a time when we are engaged in an election to elect a board and
having trouble even getting there, how could you take a step of this
nature?? Under what role? You state that you are merely a volunteer do
wish to be even on the board then change things and add things on the
as if it is your right. Sashi and vamsi have been engaged in trying to
decide what a designated moderator should do and not do. if they should
reply or participate in a debate being moderated by them. They are
suggesting that a moderator should send his response to another
etc. etc.. what's the point of all this if we change things around just
because we have access to the web server??

This is enough

I am mystified by this. Totally



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