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[Fwd: People to People Help - an Update]

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Hey people,

No matter where you are, I am sure you can do something to help the
families of those who died for our nation!

Even a simple gesture, a message, a note of respect and solidarity, a
dime that conveys a message that you know of their supreme sacrifice and

you care, helps!

Thank You.

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Subject:      People to People Help - an Update
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Dear Friends, At the request of our members, the India Network
has launched a special fund to assist the families of those that laid
their lives in the recent action in Kargil sector. Thanks to all our
contributors of this fund that enable us to deliver the much needed
assistance in a timely fashion. Our India Office is very actively
collecting addresses of families of Jawans to convey our condolences and

support. The INF has already released Rs. 2 Lakhs to our India Office
helping the families to meet their immediate needs. Attached is a news
clipping received from our India office. We are in the process of
distributing immediate assistance to more families this week.

It appears that our assistance though nominal, has alerted local
politicians and others to help the families in a big way. Thus the INF
instrumental in raising the awareness and duty of every one to help the
families of Jawans, the least one can do.

I encourage all of you to contribute whatever you think appropriate to
War Families Fund by:

a) completing the secure server form at any of the following sites


We have setup the above three sites to increase the access speed to all


b) Fax Credit card authorizations to 419-352 9334


c) Call to give credit card authorizations at 419-352 9335


d) You may write a check made payable to 'India Network Foundation' and
mail to:

India Network Foundation
War Families Fund
P.O. Box 556
Bowling Green, OH 43402

All contributions to the India Network Foundation are tax-deductible in
the United States and the INF will acknowledge to all contributors by
regular mail.

Also note that the INF is the only organization that is dedicated to
provide direct and immediate assistance to families ==> your dollars go
long way.

Thanks for your support.

Sincerely yours,

K.V. Rao
K.V. Rao, Ph. D.
Founder and President, India Network Foundation
P.O. Box 556
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Tel: 419- 352 9335
Fax: 419- 352 9334
e-mail: kvrao@indnet.org
World Wide web: http://www.indnet.org
*************************News Clip from Indian Express ********

NRI's Gesture to Sergeant's family:
Indian Exp news service dt June 3,99

Indians living in USA came forward to help the family of sergeant
Raviprasad, who lost his life in Indian military operations against
Pak-led mercenaries in the Kargil sector of LoC of Indo-Pak border. Ohio

based Indian Network Foundation has decided to extend assistance of
Rs.10,000 to the wife of Mr. Prasad. President of the foundation
Dr.K.V.Rao disclosed this information to the Project Director of INF in
India. The Project Director said the amount would be handed over to the
wife of Mr.Prasad after her return from U.P. Meanwhile, it is learned
India network foundation is also extending assistance for development of

educational opportunities in schools. The foundation is supplying
educational aids to different schools.

NRI's Gesture to Sergeant's Family.
Exp News service Dt.June 6, 1999

June 5: India Network Foundation, an NRI association, handed over
Rs.10,000 to the family of IAF Sergeant Pilla Ravi Prasad who died in
operations to drive away infiltrators in Kargil sector of Jammu and
Kashmir. The Foundation came to know of the death through internet,
Foundation India Director handed over the amount to Raviprasad's wife
Anuradha here this afternoon.  He also gave her father a condolence
message sent by the INF President, Dr. K.V. Rao on behalf of all India
Network Foundation members.

Photo -
Exp News service Dt.June 7, 1999:

Representative of USA-based India Network Foundation handing over
Rs.10,000 to Anuradha, wife of the Indian Air Force sergeant RaviPrasad
Rajahmundry on Saturday.  Ravi Prasad died on the front a few days back
the on-going military operations at on the front a few days back in the
on-going military operations at Kargil sector in Kashmir-Express.

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