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blind patriotism will not save India....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    Our Government should be ashamed that Indians are more likely to go
abroad to express their creative and talent than in India.  In fact, GoI
is cashing in on it through Software Technology Parks, EOUs, and other

    While we seldom ask the real questions, probably because we are too
busy being blindly patriotic, I would like us to consider the following:

- what need is there for fancy STPs, EOU, and other schemes when Indian
Entreprenuers can be encouraged to express their creativity at home with
any restrictions.  Would it not allow us to compete with foreign
companies better if we can import the technologies that we need without
restriction.  Would it not allow us to create jobs and even improve our
quality of life.  Well, the GoI is not concerned about any of that and
that is why it is scheming to cash in on our pathetic situation.
- GoI has no incentive system in place to boost the Indian Semiconductor
sector.  In the 80s the US Government formed a committee and set out to
make the US a dominant force in the world's semiconductor market.  The
result was Intel, AMD, Motorola, Texas Instruments, National
Semiconductor, Analog Devices.......(certainly don't have enough space
to type the entire list).  The committee was so successful that with
Intel alone the US can be the dominant force but it realized the
importance of competition and encouraged others to innovate and compete
with Intel!!
- In order for India to successfully mature in the semiconductor sector
it must change its way of thinking in the other sectors.  For example,
it must completely do away with any sort of monopolies and encourage
unlimited licenses for basic services.  This has a very powerful affect
in that it will boost demand for semiconductor products and create jobs
at a tremendous rate.  Alas, this will not happen as the GoI is
committed to making money at the expense of public suffering.
- Indian bureaucrats never designed their rules so that maximum number
of jobs can be created or maximum growth be achieved in the economy.
Instead, they sought to make maximum profit.  Why else would any country
have high license fees for the Telecom Sector when we all know that the
same money can be used by the companies to expand their infrastructure,
create jobs, and invent new technologies.  Why would the GoI do this?
We know the answer: its interests have to be served first.  So much for
a Government of the People, by the People, and to the People and even
more for our blind faith.

    In concluding, I would like to re-emphasize that India is a country
which has meaning only through its people.  My concern is what kind of
meaning will it have when the basic blocks, the People, have been so
blatantly oppressed first by the British and now by the Indian

Vamsi M.

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