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Re: Misconceptions et al

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Ritu Ko wrote:

>         As far as 'Bhaarat Maata ki jai' is concerned, I suggest we
> leave the topic
> alone. If you think that teaching a synthesizer to say it is the same,
> then
> you have no idea of what I am talking about. [And, believe me, I'm not
> trying to curtail your freedom of speech - I am merely attempting to
> save
> some time by acknowledging an unbridgeable gap in fundamental concepts.]
>         Talking of using reasoning skills [I hope you do remember your
> exhortation
> to do the same], what exactly are my misconceptions regarding individual
> freedoms? Kindly specify.

    Now that you ask, I will gladly elaborate.  You feel that I don't
understand the essence for saying 'Bhaarat Maata ki jai' with conviction and
that I have trivialized the issue by giving an example of a voice synthesizer.

    I maintain that the essence that you mention is an accumulated illusion
that somehow India can somehow have meaning without Indians.  We are capable
of modeling the world around us and distort the intentions and even ignore
what is vital.  You don't seem to understand that India will become stronger
and its economy more prosperous if we undo or remove some of the
misconceptions from our minds.  You feel that it is necessary to give me a
lesson in "patriotism" when I know very well that our blind patriotism has
allowed us to compromise on some fundamentals which makes our country one of
the poorest and oppressive nations on the planet!!  You Mental Model of an
India without Indians is a sure failure.  It is an accumulated prejudice that
is haunting us to this day.

    If we come to terms with individual freedoms, then Indians will not only
respect themselves but demand that others in the world do the same.  A nation
itself is a concept, just like God, etc.  Blind patriotism to the nation will
not deliver us from the mess that we are in no more than the stone that is
being worshiped by so many pilgrims each day.  However, I wouldn't be the one
to try and convince the stone-worshipers that it is fruitless and that their
Mental Models are totally distorted.  It would take me years to explain and
probably with no luck.

    The same goes for blind patriotism.  We are nation full of people and
giving individuals the right to fully express and even own their own
businesses without License Raj is a concept derived from respect for
individual freedoms.  If our Mental Model emphasizes the nation as a separate
entity which has no relation to the people in it then we have a distorted
Mental Model.  First we must empower the people to be individualistic and
explore and advance our knowledge and then the nation will automatically
benefit because one is a subset of the other and not vice-versa!!

    For example, if the Indian environment was such that entrepreneurs can
express their creativity then the diode would have been invented, we would
have had the first computer, first automobile, first airplane, first man on
the moon, first space station, and even a first colony on the Moon.  The fact
that we didn't accomplish these things doesn't mean that we are not capable
but because our way of governance has restricted us from expressing our
entreprenuership.  The adventurous spirit was first thwarted by the British
and now it is being done the License Raj of GoI.  My question is very simple:
why does the Indian Government have a restriction on Indian citizens owning
their own Gateways in India to provide Internet service when the US government
doesn't have it even to this day!!  Is this not a suppression of
entreprenuership so that the sole monopoly of the Indian Government can exist
and that too at the cost of providing service at poor quality.  Wouldn't all
Indians benefit if they were allowed to compete within their means and express
their entrepreneurial spirit?  Why is it not possible to create a Microsoft in
India with all that Software talent but certainly those same Indians can come
to the US and start giant companies in Silicon Valley.  Why are they not
willing to do the same in India.  The question is if they are willing to do or
not but are they allowed by the Indian Government?  How much better our
economy would be if they were allowed to express their creative talent.

    Our subtle prejudices in the Mental Models have plagued us for the past 50
years.  These same Mental Models and prejudices are used by our bureaucrats
everyday to come up with fancy restrictions on the economy which have kept
Indians from expressing themselves and fueling their creativity.  It is all
because we blatantly disregarded the important dictum that if Indians are
empowered then India will be empowered.  But we still want to put the nation
first, hoping as the pilgrims do, that the inanimate would somehow deliver
us!  Alas, this flaw in our Mental Model is so well ingrained that it may be
too late.

Vamsi M.

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