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the devil is in the details....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    Recently, Ritu has casually suggested that everyone knows that the
Government of India (GoI) has been compromising on individual freedoms
and that "we do not need to be told of that...."

    My assertion is simple: Since I am not telling you anything that you
already don't know, why don't you stand up for this oppression?  It
seems to me that you don't stand up for any kind of oppression!!  In
your last message you have conveniently explained away that the
Kashmiri's won't have any individual freedoms anyway.  How arrogant and

    I would be sick to my stomach to casually dismiss that certain
groups "cannot" enjoy the individual freedoms that Gandhiji and others
have fought for.  I would be upset at the oppression itself rather than
casually explain away what is possible and what isn't?  We certainly
can't decide upon the freedoms of others and let alone should never even
explain away the oppression of other thinking that we are somehow
sounding intelligent.  We are not; in fact, we would ashame the founding
fathers of India!!

    I suppose I could have phrased the above as trivially as you have
done about the violations of GoI by saying that "we all know that
Kashimiri's cannot have freedom and we don't need to be told......" but
that would make me equally ignorant and arrogant of the details and that
is where the devil is!

    What is unnacceptable is that we are so passive about the violations
on individual freedoms and we have even sought to conveniently explain
them away.  Outrageous!  Do we not realize that India has no meaning
without Indians and that if we look out for the freedom of all Indians
everything would fall into place including our Economy!!  For example,
think what a simple freedom on owning your own Gateway to the Internet
can do for India.  We all know this is not possible because the GoI has
conveniently created its own monopoly, VSNL, and violated our freedoms.
Just think how much cheaper and better the quality of Internet Service
in India if many individuals are allowed to own their own Gateways in
India.  That itself would create enormous amount of jobs because of the
rapid growth.  Furthermore, the 2nd-tier technologies like software,
etc. would mushroom and create more jobs!  and on and on.....  You see,
the devil is in the details.  You have trivially dismissed the
violations of GoI on individual freedoms but I sought to explain to you
that it is the problem and that India would be far more developed and
prosperous if it weren't for such violations.  A democracy with a
complacent populations is a sure failure!!

Vamsi M.

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