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RE: Freedom and Welfare or Bharat Maata?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___

You have raised here,perhaps inadvertently, a very fundamental issue.
is a nation? Why does it exists and what keeps it together? The answer
this question will also answer many of your posers as well as define,
perhaps as to why we have problems in Kashmir and why Ritu has "blind
in " blind patriotism".

A nation is many things to many people but the existence of a
nationstate is
a leap of faith before it is anything else. It is the belief (often
absolutely irrational) in the existence of something bigger and higher
an individual, and a further belief (not necessarily driven by evidence)

that this something bigger is good and benevolent. Just like the belief
GOD. It is this "faith" glue that keeps the nation together. Everytime
is missing you see turmoil, a vacuum that people try to fill by fighting
independence or separation. The Kashmiris never feel that they belong to

India, just as the Kosovars never believed that they belong with Serbia,
this is not due to underdevelopment, religion etc. although these are
most quoted reasons, they have just not been able to take that leap of
that the people in far poorer parts of India have been able to take on
idea of India. India wouldn't let Kashmir go for the same reason. Just
as in
religion no amount of logical reasoning would convince a "bhakt" that
GOD is not worthy of prayer and he should find a new one it is
impossible to
convince Indians that Kashmir is not worth fighting for or that the
Kashmiris should be given a chance too decide freely where they wish to

You see when it comes to a matter of faith there is no negotiation. No
and no maths. When the US decided to go into Kosovo most Americans
the action because it was told to them that it is for the greater good
America, most I'm sure would not have even been able to find Serbia an a

map. The same was true many times over when the US went in to save
The support of the people is for this "US Matta" and not for the
involved which most US citizens would be hard pressed to express.

This blind faith can be very counterproductive as indeed sometimes
faith can be . But properly controlled and channalised it can be the
greatest asset for improving the life of all participants. Men can move
mountains if driven by faith. Many nations, including the US, Japan,
during its colonial days were able to grow and become powerful because
created a strong sense of nationalism within its people, sometimes due
common suffering (as in the case of WW2) or due to great leadership.This

faith would not stand scrutiny on examination by objective logic and
even of History but it moved ordinary men to perform deeds of unordinary

heroism, for the benefit of the community at large.

What India lacks is this sense of nationalism (Maybe as a result of our
colonial past) and contrary to your position it desperately needs more
this 'blind faith in the country type' people. I would think that having

this strong sense of "blind faith" in our country would actually be the
catalyst for growth and possibly the only way to remove the problems of
public corruption and other social ills. No amount of reform will
any results if people did not have an underlying, unwavering (and often
blind) love for their country. If they were not willing to sacrifice
QUESTION their personal gain for the nations benefit.

Unfortunately the only time we end up seeing a strong feeling of
is when we go to war or when India plays Pakistan in cricket. Sad



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