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Re: Ritu's blind patriotism argument

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Ritu Ko wrote:

>          There Indians are standing up for the sake of the safety and security of
> other Indians, and for the sake of the territorial integrity of Bhaarat
> Maata. Not for the sake of freedoms of other Indians - think on it for a
> moment.

    Then, are you implying that to these brave men on the front, that India is nothing
more than a piece of land?  Isn't India a country full people with certain ideals,
culture, values, etc.?  That protecting our borders is critical to protecting our own
culture which is also created by individuals within the society.  I fail to see your
logic that somehow India has meaning without the people that make up the country!?
Protecting India is a secondary concern.  Protecting the people, which give India its
meaning, is paramount - so much for Bharat Maata!

> If we lose the control of the sector, whose freedoms would be lost?
> The people of J&K anyway do not enjoy much freedom [it is hard to that with
> constant shelling, bombing and other such activities];

    Oh, how convenient an explanation?  Then, we really don't need to stand up for the
freedom of these people who are also Indians!  Instead, why don't we indulge in
outdated nationalistic fervor.  We will worry about the freedoms of these people at a
later time.

> the rest of the
> Indians would be as free if the army holds ground on a more convenient
> terrain. So, even if we loose portions of J&K, we would still be free.

    How convenient again!  Even if we loose Punjab, we will be free and so on and on.
We don't need to care for the freedom of all Indians as long as we can utter the words
"Jai Bharat Maata"!  This is very convenient, indeed.  You see how we have written off
certain portions of the population in J&K, etc.  In this paradigm people don't
matter!  Why worry about the people when we got Bharat Maata?

Vamsi M.

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