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good point here

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Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 16:04:59 +0800
From: N_CHOPRA 379 2111 <naveen.chopra@reuters.com>
Subject: Must for every Indian - Please read



Fri 11 Jun 1999


After loss against Australia, India is back to normal with people still hoping
for  a miracle. In a way it was good that we lost and  people now have come
of their craze for arguably most overrated,  overpromoted and overpaid team
are paying attention to real issue.

There is a war on in kashmir and india has lost 51 soldiers and officers. They
are fighting at a height of 17000 ft. It is -5 to -30C in  inclement weather

The intruders, 80% of whom are pak army soldiers, are at the top of mountain
and our brave soldiers are actually climbing those mountains with rope against
the fire.

Some figures that may shock you:  An Indian air force flight leiutanant is
Rs. 1200 flying  allowance per month and he is supposed to make 40 sorties in
aging Migs. That is about Rs. 25 per sortie after taxes. If he dies his family
gets paid Rs. 2 lakh.

The man of the match in any World Cup team gets 3000 pounds, about Rs.2.1
lakhs. WHen flying over Kargil at 18000 ft he is just 1000 ft above intruders
armed with american stringer missiles and can easily be shot down.

Yet, they do it. Nachiketa who returned from Pakistan captivity will  be back
for action this week. And they do this for whom ?

 A person in Bihar has offered 111 coconuts and intends to offer 10001, yes
thousand one more A large corporate and BJP local unit offered  prayer at
Sidhivinayak temple and distributed prasad A youth in Gujarat is on fast.

 No, none of the above is for Indian soldiers, its for India's win in World 

You I am sure are aware as to how important is life of a US marine.  If 5 of
them lose lives, all newspapers in US cry as if world war has started. There
are stories of their families and how they curse US government.

Fl.Lt. Ahuja was killed in cold blood and he was cremated by his four year old
son. The head line in times was about India's win over England.

And our team can not make 4 runs in 7 balls against Zimbabwe. And people in
India or Indian people across the world still worry about their  performance.

We, the intelligent educated elite have failed this country. The least Indian
cricket team can do is win the game against pakistan and send all the reward
and match fee to army relief fund.

The least you can do is forward this mail to every Indian.

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