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Misconceptions et al

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
[Moderator's Note: Ritu all debate on IPI has to be polite. If an
individuals remarks sound condescending and derogatory please bring it
to the notice of the moderator and action shall be taken.]

And you call my replies meandering!
Vamsi, no one in this forum believes that the Indian citizens enjoy all
freedoms that are constitutionally guaranteed to us [and some that are
guaranteed but ought to be]. This is a subject that has been oft
in all its various implications. You only need to consult the archives
reassure yourself on that point. You may safely stop beating the Telecom

industry to a premature death.
        Also, if one had faith in the commitment of GoI to preserve and
protect the
freedoms of citizens, one would not be a member of this forum. I wonder
gave you the idea that I labored under any such misapprehension. If you
a student of politics and run a business of your own [in fact even if
read the papers daily], you cannot help but be aware of the dismal
record of
our govt. when it comes to protecting individual liberties. I am certain
have never made any statement to the contrary.
        As far as 'Bhaarat Maata ki jai' is concerned, I suggest we
leave the topic
alone. If you think that teaching a synthesizer to say it is the same,
you have no idea of what I am talking about. [And, believe me, I'm not
trying to curtail your freedom of speech - I am merely attempting to
some time by acknowledging an unbridgeable gap in fundamental concepts.]

        Talking of using reasoning skills [I hope you do remember your
to do the same], what exactly are my misconceptions regarding individual

freedoms? Kindly specify.
        One more point before I wind up, I will be re-mailing my earlier
letter to
your personal address. This time I will insert your comments that
different parts of my reply. Your assumption that my letter was a
reasoned reply is correct. Please read it before you indulge in your
predilection for editorial comments. Next time my rebuttal would not be
quite so polite.


        Ritu C. Ko

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