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RE: reply to Ritu....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
[Moderator's Note: Thanks Ritu for obliging my request.]

You have mentioned 2 things in your letter. The first can only be termed
a comment on a personality. I have been asked to [and have agreed to]
refrain from making such comments. So, that leaves me with just one
topic to
respond to.
        Now on to Kargil. There Indians are standing up for the sake of
the safety
and security of other Indians, and for the sake of the territorial
of Bhaarat Maata. Not for the sake of freedoms of other Indians - think
it for a moment. If we lose the control of the sector, whose freedoms
be lost? The people of J&K anyway do not enjoy much freedom [it is hard
that with constant shelling, bombing and other such activities]; the
rest of
the Indians would be as free if the army holds ground on a more
terrain. So, even if we loose portions of J&K, we would still be free.
the reason has more to do with what you call blind patriotism and
pride. I say this with a certain degree of authority because I know the
people posted on the Kargil front. They are close friends, they are
of close friends. They are as individualistic as any of us in this
but [luckily for us] they believe in blind patriotism too.
        It is true that a nation is made of the individuals living in
that nation.
It is also true that in most circumstances, if you take care of the
individual freedoms it serves the interests of the country. But there
always been circumstances and situations when to serve the interests of
country, individual freedoms have been curtailed and rightfully so. To
the example of the country you so much admire, this is precisely what
did in the 1930s to steer US out of economic depression. You see, there
times when the nation as a whole is facing danger and that is the time
the patriotism of each individual is tested. You are expected to think
more than your personal interests and freedoms [if the soldiers on the
choose this moment to protect their interests by striking for better
pay, it
would not be a pretty picture]. I, for one, consider this aspect of
patriotism neither blind nor coercive. I find it a flip side of the coin
citizenship. India may not be even close to perfect, but it is my
There is lot that I have received from this country, I would be ashamed
if I
cannot find enough patriotism in me to willingly give up some of my
if that is the need of the hour. For what are my rights if not my
possessions, what use are possessions if they cannot be used towards the
I desire?
        We have been saying 'Bhaarat Maata ki jai' for hundreds of years
[not just
50 yrs]. Hopefully this will be said for hundreds of years more.
                        Regards et al,

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