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Re: Secession Debate

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    And why is Arvind complaining about things getting into the
manifesto without anyone's approval?  Isn't he on the Editorial Board?  
Could Arvind make this point clearer?  I am worried now since he was
responsible for editing and upkeeping the Manifesto!

Vamsi M.

Ram Narayanan wrote:

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> Arvind wrote:
> > What is the complaining for? We did debate the
> > secession issue. Not one person replied to the
> > points I made. None of the questions I raised
> > were answered. I will not be surprised if after
> > a few days the right to secede too makes it to
> > the manifesto claiming that nobody opposed it.
> >
> I hope not!
> Ram Narayanan

Vamsi M.

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