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secession from India....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    This is a topic worth debating at length.  Although dictator Roy
might attempt to tell you or me not to discuss this topic at all, let us
remind the man that this is a free forum with humble principles.  What
is at stake here is far more precious than India and that is our
freedom.  I suppose the British were reminded of this early on!

    We live and die for our freedom!!  Is this not apparent in Kargil!!
What gives dictator Roy the audacity to tell us what we can talk about
on a free forum.  It seems that he has no respect for the fundamental
freedoms of all Indians!!  I wonder which side of Kargil he is fighting

Vamsi M.

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