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IPI's irrelevance to India; Change of Management necessary!

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
[MODERATOR's NOTE: One of the moderators while having some reservations
on the tone of the mail felt the posting was ok. The other did not send
an opinion nor were there any serious objections on the TEAM. I still
stand by my opinion but I am sending this mail out from, Dr. Roy may
please note I have not wielded any censoring scissors]

For some reason, I continue to receive mail for IPI's "Management =
Council" though I am not a member of it.  Most of this gets deleted by =

me unread straightaway, so for example, someone like Mr. Vamsi M. or Mr.
George Kurien, who lack good manners badly in the language they choose =

to use, ought to know they are not being read since they insist on =
spewing obscenities on the Net.

My name keeps getting mentioned so I thought I would reply.   Would you
like to know what Indians have been doing in India these last few days,
what we are interested in?   We are interested in (and have been taking
steps towards) getting the Pakistanis and their friends out of the =
Kargil/Dras area.  We are also keenly interested in the upcoming =
elections, in which, as you know, Indian nationality is going to be an =


In these circumstances, the present IPI's total irrelevance to anything
important is palpable and manifest.   Would Mr. Nirvikar Singh or Mr. =
Sanjeev Sabhlok DARE to mention the topic of secessionism now?  I would
be most amused  to see them show the courage of their convictions by =
reproducing and standing by their earlier statrements on IPI on this =
subject!   How about Mr. Vamsi M., Mr. Guptara or anyone else talking =
about bombing India?   Or would Mr. Barun Mitra like to apply some =
univeralist libertarian views about how the Afghan mercenaries, in a =
broad view, are really players in a world market place where =
nationalities do not count?  How about Dr Parth Shah talking to ABC, CBS
or just to the Friends of Prannoy Roy about the wickedness of the BJP =
Government?  =20

Better still, what about trying out the topic of cloning humans as an =
issue for the next election?   You will be laughed at all the way to the
mental asylum in Ranchi.  =20

Nor does anyone with any interest in India want to hear anything more =
about Mr. Sabhlok's unfortunate health problems with his using the =
keyboard and the mouse excessively on behalf of IPI.         =20

So, gentlemen and ladies of IPI, the present Management of IPI must =
resign, period, if this enterprise is to do anything constructive at =
all.   I propose that all controversial characters such as myself, =
Singh, Sabhlok, Guptara, Shah, Mitra, Kansal, Khatri, M. Vamsi, Ajay =
Gandhi, Shekhar etc. withdraw TOTALLY from making any  comment about the
direction of IPI, period.   =20

Let neutral and properly committed (and young) people like Tiwari, =
Joseph, Bhawan and Arvind Kumar run the show, and take it where they =
want to.

Subroto Roy, PhD(Cantab.), BScEcon(London)
Professor, Vinod Gupta School of Management
Indian Institute of Technology
Kharagpur, India 721 302.

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