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Re: Excuse me? have I missed something here?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
If the purpose of making the debate public was to get the response of
rest of the members, then here is mine.
I have been a quiet observer for 1 year primarily due to 2 reasons:
1] Nobody bothered to reply to 10 queries of mine regarding rules and 
2]Before I took a sabbatical, I was told that I should not say a word
my research was complete. strangely enough, the very topics that I wrote
and was supposed to conduct a research on still appear on the mailing
at regular intervals and appparently without the bebefit of the research 
that I was asked to undertake.
   The reason I am writing now [and with no hopes of either seeing my
in the mailing list or of getting a reponse] is because I think Dr. Roy
a valid point. The apriori assumptions made by the drafters of the
are not [and indeed, will not be] commonly accepted and supported. It is 
useless to expect all to cater to every detail of your own personal 
philosophical leanings. A method [other than threats of shutting down
has to be evolved to still make common endeavors possible. Otherwise IPI
as well shut itself down, not because of what Dr. Roy said, but because
will happen anyway if you are not ready to be realistic.


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