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Re: Kargil

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Indranil DasGupta wrote:

>The group that is at the core of the attack/infiltration
>in Kargil  has  been identified as affiliated to
>and sponsored by none other  than the
>mastermind behind the U.S. embassy bombings,
>Osama Bin Laden<

> Now, is the GOI prepared to play some
>"realpolitik" for a change and provide
> the  U.S. with an "incentive it cannot
>refuse" ? (i.e. the capture    of
>Bin Laden and his closest associates
>in exchange for long term support of
>India's position on Kashmir).

Are you sure the Indians are well equiped to successfully  handle a
assignment of this nature?

Ram Narayanan

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