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Excuse me? have I missed something here?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
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From: Dr. Subroto Roy <sroy@vgsom.iitkgp.ernet.in>
To: debate@indiapolicy.org <debate@indiapolicy.org>
Date: Wednesday, June 02, 1999 8:31 PM
Subject: Excuse me? have I missed something here?

Mr. Sabhlok's inistence that the document being prepared under the name
of a manifesto willy nilly carries everyone's implicit consent has been
arbitrary from the start, and something I have consistently opposed.  =
The reasonable compromise I have proposed is that the final version be =

individually signed by all those who wish to do so... that would be in =

the best spirit and traditions of democracy.   Personally,  I have =
contributed what I could, and lately, taking Mr. Tiwari's offer =
seriously, engaged in a little critical analysis to see how much of the
document might stand serious scrutiny (that is to say, in my view).  In
result, I think the document is hopeful and positive and of course a =
worthwhile endeavour, but one which I cannot sign myself, and one which
I fear may be either ignored or savaged by the Indian press.   (Ordinary

people in India, as we know, have a very fine critical sense when they =

read something.)
Mr. Sabhlok did not like my views and "removes" me from the so-called =
Management Team.  I am more than happy to make my exit but have asked to

do so along with the name I gave it, namely team; i.e. could the name =
Team go with me, while the old name Management Council or whatever other

name is invented by someone else be reverted to?
In the meantime, I have had a side-discussion with Mr. Ajay Gandhi from
which I concluded that IPI is not a political party in India (which can
go about expelling members), and if anything is governed by the law =
governing nespapers and magazines and perhaps private clubs.   The law =

in India has not been tested on these virtual subjects, and it would be
a pity if IPI became a test-case.   In any event, it is crystal clear =
that while, e.g. a magazine or journal may have an editorial point of =
view of opinions of its own, those running it cannot conceivably adduce
to their views every single reader or subscriber to their rolls.
Mr Sabhlok has said to his Management Council (whose mail I seem to =
still receive by error) that without an apology from me, he will shut =
down IPI.    This seems to me, shall we say, not a well-thought =
response, rather like when boys quarrel, the one who owns the bat or the

ball says he won't play any more. =20
Now now; to the contrary, I think, if Mr. Sabhlok wishes to lead well, =

what he needs to do, it seems to me, is open himself to listening..... =

there is a great amount of legitimate criticsm of his style and his =
actions; he has heard enough praise from all sides, including myself =
about his efforts and his contibution; what he needs to do now it seems
to me is to learn to listen...=20
Subroto Roy.

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