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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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[moderator]: yes, Kargil is very much worth discussing and a lot is
being sacrificed there to protect India's freedom and its place in the

A word or two about Kargil, where our jawans are shedding blood, sweat
and tears even as we immerse ourselves in discussions about "Christian
Dalits" and "Hayeckian thought". These philosophical debates certainly
have their place, but I for one believe that the ongoing life and death
struggle to protect our country's borders is worth at least a thread or

Two thoughts about Kargil:

1. This is what happens when we systematically weaken the military,
no emphasis on intelligence gathering, and devote virtually zero
on defence R & D. Our jawans pay the ultimate price of our foolishness
the last fifty years.

2. The group that is at the core of the attack/infiltration in Kargil
been identified as affiliated to and sponsored by none other    than the

mastermind behind the U.S. embassy bombings, Osama Bin    Laden.
to Mossad intelligence, this group had to leave    Afghanistan (where
were training) after the missile strikes of    last August, and shifted
the staging area in PoK. Now, is the
   GOI prepared to play some "realpolitik" for a change and provide
U.S. with an "incentive it cannot refuse" ? (i.e. the capture    of Bin
Laden and his closest associates in exchange for long term support of
India's position on Kashmir). Or are we content to keep snoozing well
the 21st century as we have become so used to doing?

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