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Tourism Policy

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
We not seem to have incorporated the subject of a suitable policy on
tourism. This is a vital sector and can be, if properly promoted a
source of exchange earning and employment generation.

Am giving below a proposed text for inclusion in the manifesto:

"The historical splendour of India's past and the natural beauty of its
landscape has many attractions to offer to a tourist, both domestic and
international. Uneven development and a total lack of policy focus on
area has kept this vital sector of the economy from achieving nothing
to its true potential. Giving tourism the emphasis it deserves will not
assist in generating resources for development of vitally needed
infrastructure like airports and roads etc. it will also help fund the
preservation of our monuments and game sanctuaries etc. Tourism
employment and is a sustainable source of foreign exchange earning. It
helps create a feeling of national  & international spirit as people
different cultures get to meet and exchange ideas and thoughts.
framework will have to be established & implemented to ensure that
tourism does not have an adverse effect on the environment or
degradation of
our natural resources. The following steps are recommended for rapidly
developing this sector to its optimum potential:

- Creation of an independent Tourism advisory board for formulating
in this area, with investment and regulatory authority.This agency would
mandated with clearly agreed and published objectives ( time and cost
and measurable to the possible extent). This board would have direct
involvement in all regulatory decisions pertaining to tourism driven and

related industry e.g. Hotels, Air transport etc.
- Identification of & creation of tourism promotion zones.
- Assessment of the required infrastructure to promote tourism in these
- Creation of a policy frame work to promote development in these zones
- Creation of a Tourism Fund to focus on development of tourism
- Identification of National monuments of tourist interests & creation
Infrastructure around these monuments to aid tourism
- Creation of a special tourist police to assist tourists. All
major areas of tourist interests will be under the jurisdiction of this
force including immigration formalities at International Airports. The
of this force would be to protect and assist international and domestic
- Government encouragement to the private sector, including foreign
investments in this area
- Encouragement to private companies for promoting Indian tourism
- Rationalisation of taxation for users of Hotels etc.
- Publication of a long term Tourism policy to ensure consistency of
framework for this capital intensive industry.

India must and can substantially improve its earnings from this sector
and a
large part of this additional income generation should be funnelled back
strengthening the infrastructure to grow the industry further."

Would appreciate comments.



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