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Kashmir : a different perspective

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Except for the fact that "free and fair plebiscite" is impossible, cuz who
do you ask to vote when most of peace loving pundits have been thrown out,
most locals are under constant threat from the anti-social militants from
across the border. 
It may look like a simple solution for you, but think about placing yourself
on the ground of Kashmir as a helpless citizen who is not able to express
himself not because there is no talk of plebiscite, but simply because
Pakistan and Pakistan trained Jehadi's don't want you to speak. 
How do you explain the decision of plebiscite to thousands of those who call
themselves Indians and trusted India to be on their side when they face such
trouble at their own home?
No, plebiscite is not going to work now, or ever, cuz the basic condition in
which plebiscite was agreed to was violated by Pakistan from the very
beginning by not vacating the occupied territory and completely changing its
demography by exporting people from Northwest Frontier Province and
elsewhere.Now they are engaged in doing the same on the Indian side of
Kashmir by exporting Arab, Afghani and Pakistani Nationals. Do you want
these people to vote in the Plebiscite and take away a piece of our


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