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Re: ias training

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I agree with Sauvik that public choice needs to come into the syllabus at
the Acacademy. In fact, some of the fresh recruits who are often highly
qualified might themselves be good resource persons for panel discussions/
open discussions.T he concept of citizens as owners of the government and of
bureaucrats as the employees, need to be strengthened.

I must add that most young IAS officers are hightly IT savvy and have access
to the internet since many years now. Many good things can be expected from
these young officers in the coming years.

If Mr. Mathur can highlight the link on LBSNAA's web site to the syllabus,
we can have a good discussion on the content of the syllabus. Alternatively,
IPI can put up the syllabus on its web site. We need to look at the nitty
gritty and debate the facts.


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