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Re: Kashmir: a different perspective

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I completely agree with Mr. Vasu on this issue.  
    I think its time to move on.  I think that democracy should decide the 
fate of Kashmir.  The general will of the people should be upheld.  If the 
majority in Kashmir wishes to be separte or with Pakistan, that decision 
should be respected.
    I further agree with Mr. Vasu that economic support should not be granted 
and all trade should be cut through methods of economic sanctions.  But we 
should offer a resolution to allow people to come to India as refugee during 
the split and a 3 month period after, to protect the interest of the 
minority.  After this period all immigration should be stopped.
    I think we have little to gain from the economics of the Kashmiri region. 
 I also think that this will put an end to 40 years of conflict in that 
region, and the lives lost to protect the border.  India can finally turn its 
attention to other issues of concern in domestic and other international 


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