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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
i have a few points to add to the party

1. We are all born with the natural ability to trade:
what Adam Smith called 'a natural propensity to truck,
barter and exchange'. Little children gainfully
exchange toys and food amongst each other. Free trade
is our birthright.

2. Free trade requires sound money. We believe sound
money should be a constitutional right.

3. We are secular and we believe the free market to be
one of the secular foundations of human morality. In
this connection it is worth mentioning that the Hindus
first said shubh laabh and the Prophet Muhammad, peace
be upon him, was a free trader. Both religions can
happily co-exist in the free market. That would be
true secularism.

4. We define economics to be a study of the production
of wealth through the division of labour and
knowledge. This division is maximum in urban areas
where dense popoulation causes prosperity. Our urban
areas are disaster zones while the state misspends
money on rural development. We see an urban future and
aspire for an India in which every town and city -
every dot on the map - every strange name in the STD
codebook - is a Singapore. That is our vision

5. We intend to launch the Indian Liberal Party with
much fanfare by around march 1st 2000. All those
willing to join should notify. 

6. The party symbol should be a screw. We screw the

let me know your comments
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