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Re: Community Networks - II

---Shashi Shekhar <yossarin@hotmail.com> wrote:
> It might be interesting to note that Infosys
Technologies has taken a
> step towards to disseminating I.T. to rural masses.
It started with
> trying to involve software engineers to develope
training modules in
> Kannada for popular software like MS Word, MS
Excel, Windows-95. It has

For a company to do this is laudable but since we are here to formulate
a policy, isn't the right thing to do is to actually educate the masses
so that they can have access to the latest technology by themselves?
Otherwise, what is happening is this. Some of us will learn English and
get exposed to the latest technologies. Those who have exposure will
DECIDE for those who do not have exposure. Who are we to decide that
they must have Excel and Word? Let us give them the oppurtunity to
decide for themselves by improving their economic condition.


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