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Re: more on internet

202.54.. is from VSNL. Probably inflated statistics.
Each time I manage to connect, I get disconnected.
So you'll have to multiply it by a factor of .01
to get the actual figures.
As for Dr.Roy's good connectivity, why not?
He has an ernet connection on which several crores
are spent in the name of research.
I hope you saw the letter by one R.C.Sutton to
the Editor of The Hindu that was posted here.
I'll also try to get an article that appeared in India
Today. There is no reason for me and other subscribers
to cook up stories about VSNL.
There are several ways in which the service is shoddy.
The helpdesk at Hyderabad doesn't even bother to reply.
If you call up on phone and complain, they allot a
number and forget it. If you call them up repeatedly,
they tell you thatthere is no fault on their side
and blame your modem settings!
I managed to get complaint #1 for a few days in
a row hoping to take the matter to consumer council.
IMHO, the rule that i must exhaust 500 hours within
one year or forfeit usage is unfair as I cannot get
connected and hence cannot use it.
I also timed it when it was terribly slow and it took
23 minutes to access one page!
I was also willing to photograph each time I got
the message "You have been disconnected from the
computer you dialled" and submit it along with my
Unfortunately, the consumer council here (a private
organization doing service, so I do not blame them)
has not heard of internet. The kind lady asked me if
it was defective at the time of purchase!
Tell me what I am supposed to do.


---Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> LG (abbr for ladies and g.men)
> a) There are over 4,000 Internet service providers
in USA (one of them
> being AOL). In India there is one (now, two,
including Satyam). We seem
> to be quite passionate about monopoly. That's where
the bribes and bad
> quality service usually lie.
> b) would anyone tell me whether the hosts with IP
address 202.54... are
> from VSNL, ERNET, or NIC? As you can see a large
bunch of 202.54 hosts
> have been hitting IPI. I just want to know whether
these are from India
> or from other countries (the first number is the
no. of requests made in
> the last 26 days). The IPI's DN server does not
resolve a huge no. of
> such 202 hosts.
>     3:  0.03%:
>    13:  0.09%:
>     1:  0.01%:
>     6:  0.05%:
>     6:  0.05%:
>     1:       :

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