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Re: From Thought To Action - Community Networks

I'm all for this kind of translation from thought to action. However,
this is something which we've covered some ground on in earlier
discussions. A few of us see the translation to be vital even to IPI's
own credibility and value, and others see thought as the primary
(bordering on sole) purpose IPI should address, leaving action based on
our thinking to others. Neither position is without merit. The thinking
bit is happening anyway, and I'm hopeful we can find avenues for
dissemination of the thoughts. As for action, if someone has ideas on
where we might begin this effort, count me in.

One other thing, after reviewing the criticism of the introduction I
proposed for the education policy to be carried on India Together, I
have decided to drop the words "non-partisan" from the description.
This  appears to be the most satisfactory way to resolve the different
positions, since merely remving the words says nothing one way or the
other! The anti- and pro- whoever impressions that people had will
continue, but we don't have to focus on them too deeply, I hope.

If there are no more suggestions, look for the draft on IT's website
around the 10th or 15th. If you're on the mailing list, you'll get the
newsletter. Nikhil, separate letter to you to coordinate this effort


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