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Excellent web sites

Ladies and Gentlemen
Very pleased to introduce you to 3 web sites which you must visit. I am
requesting Prof. Manvendra Kachole (Prof. of biochemistry, Biochem
Department, Dr.B.A.M.University, Aurangabad 431 004) to not only
subscribe to IPI but to get us the reps of farmers as members, and
update us on the work of these movements. Plus, I will link up these 3
to the IPI web site with your kind permission, including the liberal
party of India, in the same pattern as BDP has been linked up.

The Farmers for Freedom web site says:

"Farmer has been the main victim of all repressive regimes world over.
After centuries of repression, farmers are emerging as entrepreneurs.
The New Farmers Movement has developed during last twenty years.  It has
been fighting for freeing the economy of all state interventions. The
movement is against statism. Freeing the economy will not only take care
of farmers themselves but ensure prosperity for the Nation."

Go Farmers!! Speak out against the crass and incompetent intervention by
agriculture departments and the barriers to free movement of
agricultural products across states, and barriers to exports of
agricultural products by farmers themselves. 



Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 02:56:46 +0530
From: Manvendra Kachole <m.s.kachole@usa.net>
To: sabhlok@indiamail.com
Subject: review, comments and links with our liberal site


We have launched three sites describing activities of new farmers
movement in India.

Farmers for freedom     http://angelfire.com/in/farmersforfreedom
                                or http://come.to/farmers

Janasamsad (Peoples Parliament): a liberal review of  50 independence

New farmers movement: Sharad Joshi

I request you to kindly visit these sites. Your readers/ subscribers may
be interested in visiting these sites.

We would appreciate your kind help/ suggestions in our attempt of
informing about liberal struggle in India and strengthening liberal


Manvendra Kachole

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