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Re: A few un-related but important things:

---Chandrasekar Santhanakrishnan
<cskrishnan@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Sir, I believe you have made a very crass suggestion here. Taking off
> Madrasas is not the solution to bring Muslims in par with other
> Indians.  In fact removing Madrasas would be a blatant violation of
> fundamental rights that the Indian govt. guarantees to every Indian.

I agree it violates the rights but I feel that forcing young children
into Madrasas and denying them education is a grave crime. Let them do
it in their spare time. I do not suggest that Muslims not be allowed to
run schools. Let QUALIFIED Muslims run schools, not Mullahs. Look at the
Christian Missionary schools. Why are they in demand? They are REAL
schools. Face the fact, Madrasas waste away the lives of those
who attend them. It doesn't equip the students to face the world.

> These rights are very important for a democratic country like India to

> survive. My suggestion is to leave religion out of this issue. Closing

> down or restricting Madrasas would only further the gap between
> and others. This is precisely what we don't need at this time, if we

In the short run, lot of noise will be made. Once Muslims get educated,
things will definitely improve.

> need to make any progress at all. You mention that Muslims are in a
> sorry state. Sir, take a look at your Hindu brethren and see in what
> kind of filth they themselves are in. Hindus are limiting themselves
> their absurd system of castes and Jathis. God, we kill people over

True. No religion does anyone any good. If you can  suggest a way to
remove this evil, it will be  wonderful. In the case of poverty of
Muslims, giving them quality education seems to be the answer. In  case
of the caste ridden society, I do not know the answer as even educated
people in India are obsessed with it. That, however is a different
issue. We should deal with it separately. One mistake should not justify
another. We should strive to correct both.

> issue! Taking a secular approach to address any problem in India is
> only  the most suitablw way. India is too involved in religion, using

I did not suggest anything outrageous, just that  Muslim children be
provided education!


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