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Re: Email is spreading all over India

Dr.Roy wrote:
> You may have been away from India for too long to realise how fast and

> well some things are changing.

Dr. Roy seems to go by the above assumption, and probably because of
this, he  feels that all NRIs are alienated from India. A few comments
on this:

1) From what I have seen on this list, many NRIs think and breath India.
I, for one, browse through two Indian dailies (on the net) and  interact
with several India based staff/ associates on a continuous basis.  I
wouldn't be surprised if there are many other NRIs who similarly keep in
touch with India.

2)  IMO, becoming an NRI has given me the opportunity to see and feel
the effect of policies taken by governments  in other nations as well.
This is probably why most NRIs feel the need to push harder for reform.

>But in general, email is becoming increasingly
> common all over the country now, as a way of by-passing snail mail
> especially.    Can you imagine how splendid it would be when all
> had as easy access to email and the Internet as they now have to, say,

> STD?

I  agree with you  that institutions of higher education are getting
better access to the emails/ internet, and that perhaps this will lead
to greater braindrain.   But if our medium term goal is only to get
those with STD facility access to the internet, my opinion is that we
are going to see further divergence between the quality of telecom
facilites in India and
those of other developing nations

 I believe that one
> of the Vajpayee Government's declared aims is to achieve that quite
> quickly.

I do agree that Vajpayee has proven to be a better leader than expected,
judging him by his comments/ initiatives to increase transparency in the
government,  resolve to adhere to policies etc. However, this does not
necessarily mean that the current government's structure/policies  are
the best for India.   Nor, that we should give them the free will to
govern the country marginally better than their predecessors,  and bask
in the glory
of their success.

At the end of the day, if the 'manifesto' that we produce, is merely
similar in content to the polcies adopted by the current government,
shouldn't we  all be happy to know that India  finally has the best
government and the best systems in place!

Until then let us all strive to work together.  NRI's , Indians,
foreigners.... as long as we have one common objective - a better India.

Perhaps one issue highlighted by Dr. Roy is, given the currrent
political scenario, how  much  and how fast changes  can be introduced
into our social, political and economic systems ?


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