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Re: A few un-related but important things:

Sir, I believe you have made a very crass suggestion here. Taking off
Madrasas is not the solution to bring Muslims in par with other
Indians.  In fact removing Madrasas would be a blatant violation of the
fundamental rights that the Indian govt. guarantees to every Indian.
These rights are very important for a democratic country like India to
survive. My suggestion is to leave religion out of this issue. Closing
down or restricting Madrasas would only further the gap between Muslims
and others. This is precisely what we don't need at this time, if we
need to make any progress at all. You mention that Muslims are in a
sorry state. Sir, take a look at your Hindu brethren and see in what
kind of filth they themselves are in. Hindus are limiting themselves by
their absurd system of castes and Jathis. God, we kill people over this
issue! Taking a secular approach to address any problem in India is
only  the most suitablw way. India is too involved in religion, using
this to  correct the system or even remove its faults would be a
disaster. Your  reaction to this are most welcome.


>Along with breaking the myths, we must not be afraid of stating the
>truth. That the Muslims are in a sorry state due to themselves is a
>fact. The day they give up on Madrasas and go in for REAL education,
>they will start prospering. Madrasas are useless places which waste
>the life of an individual.  Either the Madrasas should be banned (this
>means  curtailing the freedom of a section of the society and therefore

>unfair but this is for everyone's good) or those who attend it must pay

>a heavy tax. The constitution could also be amended to tax Madrasas.
>Once Muslims have good education, I am sure they will also thrive. Let
>us not pretend that the only reason is the atrocities by police.
>Remember that if you write a book dealing with each individual as a
>case, you would end up with a book with several crore pages, each page
>saying how X is poor because he attended a Madrasa.

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