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From Thought To Action - Community Networks

I just got to know about this site today. Pretty comprehensive work is
being done. I dont know how much of it has translate to grass roots
action, I hope it has in large amounts. If it hasnt I have a proposal
which may be considered.

Most of you will agree to the fact that one impediment to organising
any  movement of a national scale is the sheer size and population of
our  country. Most often than not we are hampered by the long time
intervals  it takes to communicate and we are ill-equipped to sense the
response of  the masses at the grassroots to any issue. Its time we
technology to achieve this.

Leveraging Internet based Technologies to build "Community Networks"
which can then become vehicles of change. This forum itself one such
network but with a limited reach. The vision I have is where
developmental agencies and NGOs working in remote areas set up internet
virtual communities linking the labourers of U.P. to the farm hands in
A.P., co-ordinating developmental efforts, disseminating experience
from  one part of the country to the other and most important of all
rapidly  with a turn-around time of 24 hours thus being very effective.
When  communities can be responsive to issues at such short turn around
times  thge political parties are bound to sit and pay heed to what the
people  are saying. Such networks can also help the public
representative feel  the pulse of the people he represents and his
consituents can keep a
direct tab on his performance in legislative bodies and how well he has
represented their concerns.

The possibilities are plenty, what needs to be done however is
daunting.  A computer + A literate volunteer in every "Community" which
could be a  village, neighbourhood, professional body, voluntary
organisation,  common interests club. And of course network connectivity
and some  innovative web applications to make it a responsive virtual
community  which can think, act and communicate like one.

There it is guys, how do we take it forward


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