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You are the owner

Dr. Roy said:

"With your permission, I would like to invite IIT faculty and students,
eher at Kharagpur and elsewhere, to spread information about your
excellent website.  Suby Roy."


a) You (Dr. Roy) are the founder Director of the IPI. Hence you are the
owner of IPI. You don't need anyone's permission to spread the message
of IPI! There is no "your ...  website." It is "our ... website."

b) We are all owners of IPI. This is everybody's forum. It is the
Poeople's own forum to tell everyone what they want to see happening in
India and give reasons why their solution is better than others'. When
an idea bounces across many minds, it is enriched, filtered and cleaned
up. The rubbish is thrown away. No single person, even the best
Professor, can write in terms of quality and clarity at the level that
our document will one day become, through this cleansing process.

NOBODY needs permission to invite other people to subscribe. The entire
subscription process is completely voluntary and open. Nobody has been
forced to subscribe or forced to leave. Come and go at your will.

If we can unite and talk in one voice at the end of this process in
terms of what we want, that would exert a great force on India's system,
a force unprecedented in the history of India. The People's force,
instead of the force of the landed gentry or the born rich.  It is
unlikely that any really rich person will ever 'demean' himself or
herself to debate with the common man (i.e., us) who is subscribed on
this list. Rich people, and those born with a silver spoon in their
mouth, are apt to dictate to others; we are content to debate and talk,
and understand each other... 

Softly and steadily, we will change India, by cleansing Her mind of
wrong ideas. 



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