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Re: why no Indians from India ?

With your permission, I would like to invite IIT faculty and students,
eher at Kharagpur and elsewhere,  to spread information about your
excellent website.  Suby Roy.

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From: Srikumar <Srikumar@simexmail.com.sg>
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Date: Saturday, November 28, 1998 10:02
Subject: why no Indians from India ?

>>doing so now in a responsible and
>>constructive and indeed disinterested manner is something I have yet
>>see on almost any topic discussed by my foreign friends at IPI.
>This theme seems to have appeared in the discussions a few times and
>does seem to have become dominated by NRI's. Of course many of the
>do intend to really do something (I hope) back in India. Come to think
>of it even Gandhi, Nehru, Shri Arbindho were all NRI's at some point in

>So, what is wrong here? why aren't Indians from India not
>Is it a general lack of interest or simply a lack of opportunity (as
>Arvind has explained, he could only connect for 1/2 hour after trying
>for 10 hours).
>Can't each of the NRI participants in IPI actively recruit at least 10
>others residing in India to come and join us in these discussions? If
>do not do this, I am afraid that it is going to be very difficult for
>whatever we create to be accepted as truly "Indian" document or a
>people's manifesto. If Prof.Roy gets this opinion even after having the

>opportunity to
>participate in the discussions, I am sure a lot of others in India will

>get a similar opinion. I am going to right away try and recruit at
>10 people living in India to subscribe to this and try to actively
>participate, I urge all of you to do the same, better late than never!
>Can I also urge other Indians in India who are already participating to

>come up and voice their views on whether they support the view that the

>discussions here are alienated and "NRI oriented" (whatever that may

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