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Msg from Prof. Gupta

Confernce: Indian Incubator for Innovation, 28-29 Dec. 1998.

This (below) was sent in by Prof. Gupta to the management council of
IPI. However, it has relevance for many others. In particular, Mr. Rohit
Shukla is associated with the Annengerg Incubator Project (EC2) at


and he heads the LA technology alliance:

He might fruitfully do a technology transfer to IIM (or get some advice
in return) and get in touch with possible persons who can attend this
workshop. Mr. Ram Narayan is going to India shortly. He is the
Indo-American Chambers of Commerce rep in NE USA. He might be able to
attend this workshop. 

Any volunteers from this list who live near Ahmedabad, and who are
willing to help out Prof. Gupta? Please contact him. Thanks! 

From: Anil G. Gupta <anilg@iimahd.ernet.in>

you may also see the announcement of a workshop on incubator:


If you know of soem Inidan innovation based enterpreurs who is coming to
india this winter and may be able to attend this workshop, pl do let me
know urgently

will appreciate comments on our sristi web site also and of course
volunteers are always welcome

all the best

Prof Anil K Gupta
Professor, Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad 380015, India
Coordinator SRISTI and Editor, Honey Bee

fax 91 79 6427896
phone (o) 91 79 6407241

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